Spastic Dreams

Lately I'm having a lot of vivid and strange dreams. It's probably from too many vegetables & fruit instead of sugar.

This morning's still has me out of sorts. I was hanging out with someone I used to date. He was more like a blend of guys I've dated in an unfamiliar body. The spirit was familiar but the face was vague.

He started out harmless but became progressively sinister. He was running errands around town and I was tagging along, but we were not having a good time. We were bickering and after a while I realized I needed to get away.

We ended up at someone's house - a mcmansion-type house in the suburbs. Walking up to the house, I could see into the open garage a set of golf clubs strewn on the ground. I knew he was going to use one of those clubs to beat the shit out of me.

Then I woke up.

There have been many others, but mostly fun up til now. I loved the one where I was "skiing" on flat, red sand in Australia on short, wide skis and I was able to get up to to extremely high speeds just by turning side to side. Would love to go back to that one.

Then there was the one where I was a lesbian with a long-term partner, who wasn't David (duh) and he wasn't too happy about that (contrary to porn movie plots). That one was actually pretty sad. But he reassured me (while fully conscious) that he wasn't going anywhere.

I might need a cupcake pretty soon.