Waiting for the Meteor

Will it be here soon? Is there any way to speed it up?

Spent a lovely, flesh-meltingly hot afternoon at the Oakland Oracle Alameda County Stadium and Base of Humanity Pit yesterday, enjoying a day at the ballpark with family - love hanging out with my husband & brothers, always a great time.

Unfortunately, the more time I spend at events like that, the more discouraged I become about our future as a species.

It's not just the constant yelling of idiotic phrases - so loud right behind my ear yet no chance of anyone on the field ever hearing them - or the inability to manage one's substances, resulting in one woman becoming incapacitated by too many pain killers and booze on an empty stomach (so glad she was escorted out before she passed out on top of us).

But just one casual comment made by a fucktard sitting behind me was the most disappointing.

One section over down in front of us were three women - a baseball bridal shower. They were quiet, having a good time with each other - no squealing, no shrieking, no giant dildo-shaped cakes or beer cups - just three girlfriends enjoying a day at the ballpark.

A few males behind us noticed them - one woman wearing a veil attached to her ball cap - and at one point this douchebag referred to the women as "wedding skanks."

Why? Perhaps because as stupid as he is, he knows he wouldn't have a chance with any of them, or maybe he considers all women to be skanks. Maybe his mother was a skank. Doesn't matter. I just hope he doesn't have any daughters, because you know they'd be skanks too.

This is why I love watching ball games at home, with my cats, far far away from people who are so stupid I don't know how they find their way out of their homes to even get to a ball park. They shouldn't - they should stay home so the rest of us can enjoy the world a little more.