New Year, New Blog

Well, new blog layout... Trying out Blogger's new Dynamic Views, but they need to keep enhancing it 'cause right now it's a bit limited and irritating, but it's definitely new. And new blog address, but it's allllll the same old blog. Which is to say, it's still an amazing work of literary genius. Actually, I should go through the whole thing and shitcan most of it.

Part of the reason I keep the bad with the good is that's inherent to the entire process of writing - or any creative endeavor. It's not going to be good all the time, which serves as a handy reminder to try to be gooder more oftener. Culling out the shit, while perhaps smart when it comes to impressing potential clients, may not be totally honest. Also,I can't even imagine the time and energy it would require to do that, so I'm not gonna.

Some posts come from momentary lapses in judgement, others write themselves in bursts of frenetic linguistic fervor and others are posts I felt obligated to write to try to stay in practice or some other reason. Who cares - it's just words. I love me some words.

I have missed my words. I got to use them somewhat while in school, but writing term papers is one of the least fun use of words. Except the one I wrote lambasting postmodern conceptual art. I did enjoy that. Not sure my instructor did, but since he's an appropriation artist <cough> bullshit <cough>, what does he know about an original point of view?

At any rate, I thought it was time for an update to the stale old template and to finally put my actual name on the blog. I often use naughty words and say things I probably shouldn't and thought it could be best to hide behind the Nootsmaak alias, but I'm pretty sure that ruse was never all that solid.

Happy New Year to everyone in the internets and beyond - may 2012 suck a whole lot less than 2011.