What is Going ON!?

[aim it at the GOP, Betty]

I feel like Betty in Mad Men, watching the live television coverage of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. In her housecoat she jumps off the couch and yells, to no one in particular, "What is going ON!?"

Right there with ya Betty. This morning I was whippin up the pancakes like I do every Sunday morning (barring a natural disaster or medical emergency), and heard Rick Santorum on Face The Nation, trying to defend his recent comments about pre-natal testing and the school system.

I kept listening, even though my stomach kept seizing and I thought I might puke. That this bassackwards, sweater-vest-wearing douchebag is allowed anywhere near a microphone is incredible. That he's considered worthy of running anything other than down the street straight into a bus I cannot begin to comprehend. The only place this turd belongs is in a toilet.

Ricky is against amniocentesis because, in his view, that's just a pre-abortion procedure. We all know his views on contraception, which confounds me to no end, and this just adds to my bewilderment. And he wants to end the government-run school system and have everyone home school their kids.

Home schooling would be great if everyone could afford it and was able (and qualified) to do it. But what he's really saying, in all of this, is that women's role in his world is to simply be baby makers / caretakers and teachers, and that's it. Just shut up, stay pregnant and stay home forever raising a fucking baseball team.

Because that's what we need - more people. And who's gonna pay to support all these people? Who, in his fantasy world, can afford to have seven, 10, or 16 (now 20 - holy shit) children? A senator, sure, but the rest of us? Fuck no.

And who's going to pay for all these people using up more resources and taking up more space? Who's going to pay to support the additional infrastructure, lest Ricky believes in a beautiful vision of going back to mud huts and wooden bridges?

Not taxes, of course - that would be ridiculous. No, I would guess in his fantasy world some of those millions of extra kids born under his rule would become volunteer workers (elves!), building new housing, new roads - sorry, horse & buggy trails - and everything else we'd need to support five hundred kajllion more people in the country.

In Ricky's world, everyone is rich enough to allow them to crap out kid after kid without a financial care in the world, and the planet will magically accommodate a billion more people without anyone having to lift a finger to make it happen. Unless he has a fantastical plan for that that he just hasn't shared with us yet. Which probably involves fairy godmothers and wizards and magic beans.

I wonder what's next. Is he also against tampons because they get shoved into a vagina where he'd rather a penis live forever? Is he next going to want to prosecute women with hormone imbalance who maybe could get pregnant but because their hormones are so out of whack the zygote can't attach to the uterine wall?

How a colossal dipshit like this has any support shows that we are down to the absolute dregs when it comes to potential candidates - for any office - and how dangerously stupid the people are who support him and his ilk. And sadly, all these people want to breed. A lot. I fear we will soon be outnumbered.

That neanderthal gasbags like him think they should have a voice when it comes to contraception, abortion or anything to do with women's health is unacceptable. Until you get yourself a uterus, Ricky (and anyone else sporting Y chromosomes), keep your head firmly up your ass where we can't hear the shit coming out of your mouth.

Outraged? Broadcast it (on your body, that is...)