Patch? We don't need no stinking Patch...

Hey Nootsmaakians... How ya been? Yeah, I know, nobody's there... it's just me... and that's fine, because I love me. This has always been All About Me, but you knew that already, didn't me?

At any rate, if you, someone else, whoever you are, may have been checking in now & then, I put this Nootsmaak in storage while sporadically posting on Alameda Patch for the past couple of years. But if you've seen recent headlines, Les Patches aren't doing so well.

So, I'll be posting here again when I'm not cleaning litter boxes or putting yet another sink full of dirty dishes into the effing dishwasher. I'm about ready to start throwing dishes into the trash. I do not know how only two people can use every glass, plate and bowl in just a few days but I'm so goddamn sick of it I might just kill somebody. Somebody who uses a new glass every time he gets a fugging glass of water.

Jesus. What was I talking about?

Right - blogging - whatever. Patch is dying. No one reads anymore. We're all a bunch of short attention span assholes.

Meanwhile, I've started yet another blog - about doughnuts (yes, I spell the actual word as it's supposed to be spelled). If you like doughnuts, check it out.

Have a great day!