Cocoa Dreams

Had some delicious cocoa the other night. Hardcore cocoa, I call it. Just Dutched cocoa, some sugar and hot water. It's amazing. If you've never tried it, you must. Milk (which I don't drink) dulls the intense cocoa flavor. Milk is for sissies. And calves. And people who love hormones & drugs.

Anyway, seems every time I have hardcore cocoa I end up having strange dreams. Nothing too crazy - all dreams are strange, right? But this one I really enjoyed.

A friend of mine was a news reader and couldn't get to the station in time to do the evening news. I had to sub for him/her (androgynous dream friends!), so I went about getting ready to rush off to the studio.

Now, even in the dream, I think it was understood that I am not a news reader, but I was excited to do it. I knew I'd kill it. That wasn't the strange part.

The strange part is that I was even more excited about driving an old refrigerator down to the studio.

I don't mean like on its back with me sitting in the middle, driving it like you might a boxy boat. No, it was upright, and where you sat, to drive this refrigerator, was in the freezer drawer, at the bottom of the fridge. The drawer slid out so you could sit in it and drive it around. On its totally flat, fridgy bottom. Without being able to see anything in front of you. And why would you need to? People see a fridge scooting down the street, they'll get out of YOUR way - no problem.

I was having trouble finding the keys, so I don't know if I made it to the studio in time or not.
This is almost exactly the one I was going to drive, except mine still had a bunch of food in it I was going to have to sit on/around:
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