Happy Valentine

The only Valentine I need.
I've never really been into Valentine's Day, or VD. It's always seemed lame to have a day when people feel obligated to spend a bunch of money to show their love for someone. But it's a great way for retailers to push chocolate, flowers and jewelry and more so, the idea that if you don't buy into the BS, literally, you're a thoughtless asshole. For that reason alone, my husband and I have ignored this day for years.

Worse than the commercial BS, if you're dating and not that close with someone or you're not seeing anyone at all, you can feel totally left out of the fun and that sucks. The whole thing is an excuse to spend a lot of money and make a big show out of something that should be more frequent than just once a year. But when you're single, it's hard to ignore the BS and that makes the day really shitty.

Even in grammar school our teachers had us making Valentine cards for classmates - for kids you didn't like or didn't know - everyone had to participate. I'd have rather had more recess time - that would have been way more fun, and much healthier.

So, years ago my other half and I decided that neither of us enjoy feeling obligated to buy into this day so we don't, and it's been a huge relief. As I see articles about Valentine dinner recipes or gift ideas, I'm relieved that I don't have to stress out about making a fancy dinner, buying him something he doesn't need or wearing uncomfortable lingerie just because it's VD. I can do that any day I like, when it suits me, not the calendar.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with celebrating the day - live it up if that's your thing. I know some people love it and that's totally cool. I'm just excited about it being Friday more than anything else, with the entire weekend ahead of us with nothing we have to do other than eat pancakes & snuggle with cats. But to show my man I really care, I'm going to shower before we do our usual Friday night at the tequila bar. Now that's love.