Workday Daycations

I've been living & working in San Francisco off & on for many years. I've lived in Park Merced, the Western Addition, Duboce Triangle and finally the Tendernob.

While living in my awesome Tendernob studio I worked at an awesome design agency in the Mission in the awesomest city there is. Life was pretty awesome.

Later on I moved out of the city and continued to work in the Mission, but it got a little less awesome with the commute, and then a lot more not awesome with the dot com crash. That's when I started freelancing and quickly became attached to sweatpants and naps during business hours.

I eventually went back to full-time work in the city to a job that was such a grind and its cavernous pit of misery so all-consuming, I don't remember enjoying being in the city. There was sobbing. Then migraines. And there was that time I threw up on BART.

Anyway, the point is, I could have tried to enjoy my surroundings a little more. Even if it's just a lunch hour, every day you can get a micro vacation if you want one. Back then I just wanted to stop sobbing. I have no idea where my coping skills were back then. I must have lost them at the Soup Company.

But now I'm back in the city part-time and every lunch hour I go out and walk around. Every day I go in a different direction and see what I find. Sometimes I just walk for the fun of walking - free exercise! Other times I have a goal in mind and go do it. I leave my phone in my pocket and look at everything. I often forget to make pictures, which is weird, but I'm just happy to be out & about.

I feel like it's my first time ever working in the city, but I know my way around. I love looking at the faces I pass and all the architecture. Most people are frowning or looking pinched, scowling down at their phones, shuffling around like I used to, too tired or burnt out to give a shit about where they are. I can relate.

I guess because I'm a bit older and wiser, and I'm a contractor, I'm not all wound up about the job and its issues. Now that I'm the writer and not the producer, the only thing I have to worry about is the words. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I have had a couple of migraines since taking this gig - it's a major shock to the system to suddenly give up sweatpants and midday naps. But every day that I go into the city, I enjoy it as much as I can.

Today I found an awesome chair massage place - seriously awesome - and got a proper upper body massage to try to nix the headaches. This guy may have titanium fingers. Or maybe he's a cyborg with the best body work software ever developed. He found all the demons deep inside my cranky muscles and blew them up. I don't remember the last time I felt this good.

After that, I got a bottle of ridiculously overpriced cold-pressed juice and drank it while sitting in the sun, watching people hustle past me clutching their sandwiches. Then I got myself a four dollar almond milk latte and a quinoa salad.

Yesterday I walked down to the Ferry Building to meet my parents who happen to be in town this week. After hanging with them for a while I had a fantastic fourteen dollar salad.

Last week I wandered over to the Embarcadero Center and bought lotion I didn't need at L'Occitane. Early that same week I finally went to Dottie's at their new location. Definitely worth the walk but maybe not on a 90° day, mostly because of the urine stank all along Market Street. If you keep your mouth closed it's probably not too hazardous.

In the next month or so, the daycation is going to get upgraded to a serious excursion. A friend and I are cooking up a plan to play hooky and get on one of those double-decker buses and cruise around like real tourists.

And since I'm doing so much more walking now, I've used that to justify a nice little collection of retro sneakers. I still love you San Francisco, always will. Thanks for being so good to me.