Imagined Futures for Popular 80s Movies Characters

Ren & Ariel go off to Columbia together. After freshman year, Ariel starts dating women while Ren takes a vow of celebacy and gets deep into philosophy classes. After graduation, they get back together and move to Tribeca with Ariel's on/off girlfriend. Ariel becomes a successful writer and Ren runs a bar in the neighborhood. They don't go to reunions.

Sixteen Candles
Sam & Jake break up at the end of the summer. Turns out Jake prefers boys. After high school, Sam starts a successful wedding planning business and moves to the city. She attends the 10-year reunion and reunites with Farmer Ted. Farmer Ted became an actual organic foods farmer and is loving the organic foods craze. They have coffee the next day and fall madly in love. They get married in the same church where her sister got married, then Sam moves to Ted's farm and they raise five children.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Ferris gets into Yale then eventually flunks out, moves to New York and gets into advertising. Sloane joins a summer stock company then moves to New York to try her luck on Broadway. She and Ferris get married and three months later realize they have nothing in common except Cameron. Cameron becomes an investor in an automobile restoration company and dabbles in real estate. He and Sloane stayed in touch and she ends up moving back to Chicago to live with him and become a real estate agent. Jeanie and Boy in Police Station become pen pals and as soon as he's on parole, start a torrid love affair that lasts 50 years.

Dirty Dancing
Baby finishes high school and enrolls in Mount Holyoke College, but she can't stop thinking about Johnny. Johnny's become a talent agent managing performers up & down the East Coast. Baby manages to track him down while on Spring Break in Florida (she told her parents she would be at Peace Corps orientation meetings). They rekindle their romance and she drops out of school to study dance and help Johnny with his business. Looking for more meaning in life and growing tired of their nomadic lifestyle, Baby leaves Johnny to join a commune in upstate New York. She attends Woodstock, trips on acid and believes she must be adopted. She forms an interpretive dance company that tours the Catskill resorts.

Pretty in Pink
Andie and Blane go on one more date and Andie realizes he's a milquetoast and pulls the plug. She and Duckie hang out all summer, then Andie enrolls in City College to pursue fashion design and merchandising. Ducky becomes store manager at TRAX and collects bolo ties. Andie and Iona spend long hours working on design projects and eventually go into business together. Andie and Ducky still hang out, possibly in a romantic way.

Some Kind of Wonderful
Amanda said she needed time alone, but actually she returns to the security of a quasi-abusive co-dependent relationship with Hardy. They date date off & on for many years until Amanda has too much to drink one night and stumbles in front of a train on her way home. Watts becomes a drummer in a popular all-girls punk band and realizes she doesn't really have feeling for Keith when she begins dating the bassist. They move to San Francisco and become successful singer-songwriters.