Winter in Summer Blows

Really not happy about drizzle just one day after a lovely, sunny and warm afternoon on Saturday. Drizzle is ass. Rain is fine - rain is fun - but cold, gray drizzle is lame. Half-assed. Depressing.

But, what IS fun is going to a private screening of the third Bourne movie in Corte Madera last Saturday morning. A great perk of being part of the Lucas family.

In other news, I think I've finally overdone the amount of chocolate chips one should add to a brownie mix. I had two partially-full bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips - Nestle's mini chips and Guittard's. I dumped in the last of the minis but that didn't seem to be enough, so in went the rest of the Guittard's.

There's barely enough brownie material amid the chips and it's like eating a glob of gooey brownie chocolaty dough. Not a bad thing, just a bit surprising. You're gonna need a cup of coffee to cut the goo. It's a good problem to have.

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