Mmm... Steamed Vegetables

On these cold, damp winter days, I can't think of any food group I want less to do with than vegetables.

I was just reading a recipe that included steamed vegetables and the idea of sitting down to a plate of that made me wince.

Maybe if those veggies were then pureed and added to a hearty base of potato leek soup, or perhaps folded gently into a cheesy, creamy macaroni casserole-type dish, or maybe thrown out into the yard for the squirrels.

The other day I stumbled upon a rather satisfying new breakfast concoction that's perfect for this time of year.

We had some leftover smashed potatoes to which I'd had the foresight to add the "fairy dust of food" - chopped bacon (sorry vegans). Now, we all know that eggs and potatoes are great together - but even better: eggs, potatoes and BACON.

So into the skillet goes a little butter, then the leftover smashed, bacony-good potatoes. Let those warm up and if you like, get a little color, but don't stir them - just move them around gently - keep them "clumpy." Once the potatoes are heated through, throw in your scrambled eggs and cook just until almost done - don't dry 'em out.

Season to taste and enjoy. Research proves that this recipe works well with any leftover potatoes.