The Chill is Gone

Finally, a day of gorgeous weather without a chilly breeze. So happy to be outside and not be layered up like Ralphie's little brother. Even happier to turn off the heat.

On another topic... Maybe I should be blue because my husband has fled the country, but I'd forgotten how much I like living alone. Is that wrong?

As Katharine Hepburn said, "Men and women shouldn't live together. They should live near each other, and visit."

I'm liking this situation, at least for now. I'm living on my own, but because I'm married, I'm not expected to be dating, which is perfect, because I've never enjoyed dating and I never liked it when friends tried to set me up with people.

So I have all the benefits of enjoying my own space without any expectations to "partner up." Why isn't this arrangement more common?