Hot & Heavy

Today was crazy hot and wonderful. Driving around in 100+ degree heat, it felt like a road trip to L.A. in the late, heavy heated summertime. It reminds me of being on vacation.

The heat doesn't bother me - I'd much rather be too warm than too cold. Growing up in the Bay Area, you learn that you shouldn't go anywhere without a coat, because the fog *will* roll in and you'll freeze your ass off if you don't plan ahead.

When I was still working downtown we'd laugh at the tourons shivering in shorts and t-shirts during the summer. When the heat wave comes, it's an exciting change.

I had a marathon day of jobs, starting in Santa Rosa - one of the hottest areas - but I was ready for it with my frozen water bottle, light-colored clothes, damp headband and all the windows down. It becomes a contest, to battle the elements and come out unscathed.

I blasted through the first two jobs no problem, getting a wee bit sweaty, but feeling fine. From there it was on to San Anselmo where it felt hotter than it did in Santa Rosa. The wind had died down by then and the heat was starting to smother.

I got through it by splashing cold water all over my face and neck and slowing down a little. But there was one more job to go, in Mill Valley, an even tighter little pocket of hotness.

By this time, it was time for coffee. One would expect to enjoy an iced coffee on such a day, but I don't really like iced coffee. It doesn't taste as good. So I went to Peet's and ordered a regular cup of HOT coffee.

The woman behind the counter stared at me for a moment and asked me to confirm that I meant regular, hot coffee. I said Yes, I'm gonna go for it. She laughed and shook her head. Then she told her coworker what I'd ordered and they had a good chuckle at the crazy red-faced sweaty lady.

Back in the car, the coffee didn't even seem hot. My face and lips were already so broiled, the coffee just seemed warm. And it tasted great!

Mill Valley was where I started to unravel a little. Climbing a ton of stairs with equipment in-hand was getting difficult. None of those little bungalows have air conditioning - there's no brief respite - the marathon battle with the elements continues.

Another splash of cold water to the face and I went on, finishing the job and getting back on the road around 4:30. I sat in traffic for a bit where my car's thermometer said it was 110. That was rough.

About 15 minutes later I was cruising down 80 along the bay with a cool breeze coming through the windows, chilling the thermometer down to a frosty 88.

Once home, it was still about 90 degrees, but I'd made it through the day without any obvious scorch marks.

p.s. and the very best part of the day - CA's Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage - huzzah for California!!!