Gerry vs. Gerry

I watched the movie Gerry yesterday and I don't know what to think. Interesting, weird, quiet, moody, sad. And I just kept thinking, how could you be so stupid to not only lose your way, but go out for a hike without any water? Who does that?

And were there really two Gerry's or was it like Fight Club - one fractured Gerry? Why does Gerry 1 strangle Gerry 2 at the end? Sorry, if you haven't yet seen it, but I'm not spoiling too much. It happens, but there's no clear reason why, or if it really did happen (that is, if Gerry was MPD, he solved that problem, but no one was actually "strangled").

The whole thing was weird. I think I liked it, but mostly, it bothered me. It's not easy to sit and watch the very avoidable demise of two perfectly healthy young men.