I Love California

There are innumerable reasons to love living here. The ocean, the weather, the lifestyle, just to name a few. I often wish we would form our own country, since the rest of the states don't seem to like California (so painfully jealous, which is understandable). With all its faults - get it? - California is the best and that's just the way it is.

This morning I was reminded of another reason to love living here... We're a noncompete state. That means: "An employer cannot by contract restrain a former employee from engaging in his or her profession, trade or business," as said by Justice Min Ching.

So when I'm working with a company in another state that tries to tell me it can restrict who I work for and on what sort of projects, I just smile and nod and love that they haven't done their homework. Meanwhile, I'm going outside to play, on a gorgeous sunny day in February.